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Anjaney C Mahajan

I'm a software engineering student at the University of Melbourne, passionate about crafting human-centric applications. Proficient in React, Node.js, and Google Cloud with a strong UI/UX background, I'm keen to pursue opportunities in the Australian software industry.

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About Me

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Hello! I'm Anjaney, and I'm passionate about developing human-centric web applications to solve unique challenges and issues. My journey into web development began in 2018 when I built a web application to help turtle conservation in North Carolina. Since then, I've worked on diverse projects ranging from conservation to aviation.

I completed my undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering at North Carolina State University, and I'm currently pursuing a Master of Science in Software Engineering with Business at the University of Melbourne. My academic background has provided me with valuable business knowledge. I'm eager to take on new challenges and opportunities to apply my skills and make an impact in the industry

Here are a few technologies I’ve been working with recently:

Node JS
Java Vert.x


Featured Project


acmahaja.com is a personal portfolio website that showcases my web development projects, skills, and achievements. The website has been developed and maintained for the past three years.

Featured Project

Diabetes @ Home

Diabetes @ Home is a full-stack health application designed to help doctors and patients manage diabetes in the convenience of their own home. The application allows patients to record data that can be remotely monitored by their clinician.

Featured Project

Airbiz Gating Tool

Airbiz is an Australian global aviation consultancy specializing in international projects. They offer solutions for current and future airport projects globally. Airbiz is proposing an upgrade to their existing excel-based gating tool. The new tool should be easily deployable and offer comprehensive gating and visualization features. Customizability, like color-coded flights and adjustable Gantt bar labels, is essential.

Other Noteworthy Projects

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Stay tuned as I continue to update and showcase my projects!


Sea Turtle Nestling Alerting System

The Sea Turtle Nestling Alerting System (STNAS) revolutionizes the monitoring of sea turtle nests, offering 24/7 observation and reducing the manual effort required by volunteers. Leveraging advanced technologies like TensorFlow for video analytics and Google Cloud for seamless data integration, our solution ensures efficient turtle detection both day and night. Key features include wireless data transmission, GPS tracking, remote nest monitoring via mobile devices, and solar-powered operations. STNAS is the future of wildlife conservation, ensuring that these magnificent creatures receive the care and attention they deserve.



Reach is a website focused on mental health, which provides services such as allowing users to create personalised accounts, write & save journal entries, as well as plan and undertake meditation sessions.



Expertiza is a web application where students can submit and peer-review learning objects (articles, code, web sites, etc). It is used in select courses at NC State and by professors at several other colleges and universities.



The program user will be able to direct their block through a race course, checking for crashes, and will be able to change the color of the block which is being moved.



The function of this program is to draw and manipulate the location of a box on the screen


ASCII to Binary Project

This LC-3 assembly language program will print the binary ASCII code for a single character typed by the user.


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I'm currently looking for internship and work as a part time developer experience, my inbox is always open! Feel Free to contact me on social media or my email below.